IHE North American Connectathon 2024, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA


This page collects links to resources for participants in the IHE North American Connectathon, February 19-23, 2024 at the headquarters of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Oak Brook, Illinois.  Content will be added as the Connectathon approaches, so check back. 



15-Dec-2024 - Administrative Connectathon Registration opens (get started on contracting) in Clickup

15-Dec-2024 - Technical Connectathon Registration (select profile/actors) opens in Gazelle Test Management

15-Jan-2024 - Technical Connectathon Registration closes

19-Jan-2024 - Testable profiles announced (scope of testing is set)

29-Jan-2024 - Signed contracts/payment due

Feb 19-23 - Connectathon week!



Forum for announcements and Q&A - 
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NA Connectathon Group in Zoho

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IHE N.A. Connectathon Technical Manager Daniel Berezeanu  
Logistics Support (hotel, badges...) Emely Lemus  
Financial & Contract Support Arianna Bellemo  


Introductory Webinar (from Dec 6) YouTube video  
Administrative Connectathon Registration - Contracting Clickup Registration Link  
Technical Connectathon Registration - Selecting Profiles/Actors to test Gazelle Test Management  
Testing Scope IHE Profiles Offered for Testing  
IHE Technical Frameworks https://profiles.ihe.net/  
Connectathon fee information

 Baseline fee: Participants registering one system incur a charge of USD 7000.
  Fees include:
 - badges, breakfast, and lunch for two people
 - 6’ x 30” table, internet access, and one power strip with 4 outlets to provide 1500 Watts  (120 volts) / standard electrical service,
 - access to all test tools
 - staff support from registration through Connectathon week
 - technical support for test plans, partner matching, results  

Additional Systems: Participant incurs an extra charge of USD 7000 for each additional system registered, only if they need to use another table. If the second system is managed by the same two persons on the same table as the first system there is no extra fee for this system.

Participant registration information (badges) To be announced  
Oak Brook Hotel Information To be announced  


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IHE Connectathon Training Center

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Test tools

Find links in the Tool Index at the bottom of Gazelle Test Management

Connectathon network description  To be announced  
Frequently asked questions  IHE Connectathon FAQ  


Table Layout To be announced  
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