Pointers to training & documentation about IHE, tools, Connectathon processes, and more.


IHE International - Training Resources
Interpreting IHE Technical Frameworks

This presentation covers terminology used in the IHE Technical Frameworks.  If you've never read IHE documentation before, you will find this background information helpful. (recording | .mp4)

IHE Educational Webinar Series 

Annually, IHE presents a series of domain webinars designed to help your organization learn about IHE, get engaged in the IHE development & testing activities and leverge IHE solutions to develop & implement interoperable health information technology systems.  Register and view recorded webinars here.

IHE User Handbooks

Handbooks that describe how implementers can use IHE to select, specify, purchase, and deploy healthcare IT systems with advanced integration capabilities.


  Test Tool Training & Documentation  

Index to IHE tools - contains a column pointing to User documentation & Training for IHE's family of tools

IHE tools wiki page

 Gazelle User Guides - for Gazelle's family of tools, validation services, and simulators

Refer to

Gazelle Security Suite - ATNA testing...TLS simulator, PKI for certificate generation, ATNA Questionnaire, Audit message checking

Gazelle Security Suite user manual

recording  (from Nov 2015)

Gazelle proxy

Using the Proxy during Connectathon - why and how (slides)

- Proxy overview - recording for participants (24 min)

Gazelle Proxy user manual

Video on youtube (10 min)

Gazelle Order Manager

Gazelle Order Manager user manual 

Overview presentation - .ppt (May 2012)

How to use Order Manager to create Modality Worklist  .mp4 (Jan 2013)


training - mp4 for download, or

training - streaming


 Connectathon Training Resources
General participant training - common to all Connectathons:

Gazelle Test Management - How to complete registration.  There are several steps:

  1. User accounts, company & contact info: managing gazelle user accounts (logins) & company/organization details, entering contact information (**Same process as previous years, if you participated in prior EU or NA Connectathons, your information is carried forward**)

  2. System registration: entering system(s), profiles, actors, and options you want to test

  3. Connectathon contract: how to generate your connectathon contract

  4. Participant registration: register staff who will attend (Note: January NA Connectathons do not use gazelle for staff badge registration)

Overview of Connectathon Registration Process



 User manual


Gazelle Test Management - How to enter and share configuration paramaters for Connectathon Online

- recording

- slides


Gazelle Test Management - How to enter and share your configuration parameters (face-to-face Connectathon)

- entering DICOM & HL7v2 parameters for your test system

- entering webservices parameters & finding your OIDs

- finding & exporting your test partners' configurations

user manual 

- recording | .mp4

- .mp4  

- .mp4 | help page


How to perform Connectivity-tests for Connectathon Online

- recording

- slides


Gazelle Test Management - How to find your pre-Connecthon tests & submit results

User manual


Gazelle Test Management - How to share samples with your test partners (eg documents, images) and perform sample validation

User manual


Gazelle Test Management - How to review Connectathon tests

How to use Gazelle Test Management to read test definitions for IHE profiles you have registered to test.  

Resource page (with recording)


Cross-Community (XC* profile) testing overview

Multiple affinity domain testing (explanation of 'red', 'green', 'blue' Patient ID domains at the Connectathon)

Resource page


Connectathon terminology in Gazelle Test Management - an explanation of terms used during connectathon when running tests using gazelle (for first-time participants)

recording | .mp4  

Connectathon Week Game Plan

- Part 1: Connectathon process overview (for first-time participants)  Recorded in 2015 but still generally applicable.

- Part 2: Using Gazelle Test Management at the Connectathon (for all participants)


Part 1: .mp4

Part 2: .mp4help page 


EU Connectathon Online Training slides & recordings

Training Page

Resources for Connectathon Monitors (applicable to all Connectathons)

Interpreting the IHE Technical Framework (for monitors that are new to IHE)

This covers terminology used in IHE Technical Frameworks explains the structure of IHE documentation, and describes IHE's publication cycle. If you've never read IHE documentation before, you will find this background information helpful.


IHE Technical Frameworks

IHE profile documentation is published here:  The page is organized by IHE domain (Radiology, Laboratory, etc...).    Within each domain, the profiles that are Final Text status are contained in the Technical Framework (Vol 1, 2, 3).  Profiles that are in Trial Implementation status are documented separately.

If you have time prior to Connectathon, we encourage monitors to review the Volume 1 material for your assigned profiles.  This assures that you understand the use cases behind each profile.  If you have time, you can start digging into the details of the transactions contained in Vol. 2 and 3.


 Profile-specific training resources (helpful for all monitors)

Monitors are asked to evaluate tests in profiles that are related to each other.  On this page, we gather available profile-specific training material.   Note that IHE technical project managers create training material over time, and many, but not all profiles, have specific training material.

Resource page  

Using Gazelle Test Management to review Connectathon test definitions (helpful for first-time monitors)

How to use Gazelle to read test definitions for IHE profiles you're assigned to evaluate.  Note that while the training doesn't show the new gazelle look-and-feel, the process is still identical.


Connectathon Process for Monitors

.mp4 (ONLINE EU CAT 2020)

Gazelle proxy - notes for monitors

The Gazelle proxy captures messages exchanged between tests partners.  Additional training on the Proxy is in the Test Tools section above.

Proxy notes for monitors  

Connectathon Terminology (helpful for first-time monitors)

Definitions needed to understand using Gazelle Test Management during a Connectathon (known to most returning participants & monitors)

streaming link |.mp4