TF - Overview


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Project overview


The Technical Framework (TF) overview is a tool that displays a graphical interface for the navigation among the TF concepts, indicating the description of those concepts and the access to their informations page.


Web user interface




  1. Breadcrumb : indicates the path in the navigation among TF concepts

  2. Root : the keyword of the concept selected

  3. Children : results concerning the root

  4. Edge : link between the root and its children

  5. Description : information about the child whose the mouse is over it

  6. Link to access to the information page of the concept in the description

  7. To close the description


The first graphical representation displays all domains of the Technical Framework. Then, the navigation must be done in the following order :

  • all integration profiles for given domain
  • all actors for given integration profile
  • all transactions and all integration profile options for given actor and integration profile
  • all initiatiors and responders for given transaction

A click on the keyword of a children allows to generate the graphic. A click on the root allows to go back in the navigation and it allows to generate the previous graphic.