Editing Profile Information


Gazelle Master Model (GMM) allows administrators to add new Integration Profile information into Gazelle.  This enables vendors to register testing these profiles at a Connectathon.    Gazelle must be configured to know about the actors, transactions, and options defined within an Integration Profile.  It must know which Domain the Integration Profile belongs to.

Entering IHE Profile information consists of these 6 steps detailed in this documentation:

  1. Add New Actors
  2. Add New Transactions
  3. Link Transactions to Actors
  4. Add New Options
  5. Add a New Integration Profile
  6. Link Actors, Transactions, and Options to the Integration Profile
  7. Link the Integration Profile to a Domain

Not currently covered in this document, but needed in order for profile entry to be complete:

  1. Entering profile mandatory groupings (aka profile dependencies)   ie Actor A in Profile P must also implement Actor B in  profile Q (eg all actors in the XDS.b profile must also implement ATNA Secure Node)
  2. Entering default configurations for transactions in the profile
  3. Entering sample definitions
  4. Entering Roles for test definitions